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Korean Spell Checker

I might not be the first person who discovered it,but I have found an useful site for me.It is the 한구어 맞춤법 감사하기.

As a non-native English speaker I make lots of mistakes and I am not talking about the usual grammar mistakes I am talking about spelling.Even when I am writing an essay in my own language there are chances I will be making spelling mistakes,not because I don’t know how to write a word but because I am in a hurry and I am focusing on the context.

With English though,I find it really easy to misspell a word since a lot differ from the way they are pronounced which is a fatal error as some teachers say.

When I first started learning Korean I could not imagine learning all those words like 넣다 vs 낫다 maybe because they all sounded the same for me.But the biggest mistake is that I would write ‘코기리’ instead of ‘코끼리’ and that would bring me on the verge of giving up,not kidding.

Well after 9 months that still happens to me.Usually I misspell the words newly learned but sometimes because I am not paying enough attention I misspell even the basic ones.And it’s truly annoying especially if I’m writing a notebook entry on italki and everyone keeps correcting me and focusing on those even though I definitely know how to spell those words.It just stressed me out because it adds to the mistakes I make.

Though the site needs some improvement it does the job of pointing out the errors in spelling so it draws my attention to them and I can solely focus on the context.I am not saying to depend on it because you should know the spelling of a word but it is a helpful tool for when you have a huge amount of text and you are too lazy to check by yourself.



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