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TOPIK I(49th) : results

Can’t believe it’s Christmas already…Time passes by so quickly,I am already in my second year of university and I still feel like a child pretending to be an adult.I have changed and I still have so much to learn that the amount of new information feels too overwhelming sometimes.

I will be spending most of my Christmas break together with my family eating,relaxing,watching movies and visiting other relatives.It’s a simple way of spending the Christmas time but I do enjoy it and it helps me put my worries to rest for a while.What Santa brought me for Christmas is the most wonderful thing ever : not only did I pass the TOPIK I level 2 test but the results are totally satisfying.


** I erased my name for security reasons

I remember how in my last post I was so disappointed in myself for the poor performance in this exam but that wasn’t a lie.I really thought I messed up the last part of the reading section but it seems I was lucky enough to pick the right answers – I honestly don’t know how I did that.On the day that I we received the results I though I wouldn’t be able to look at them myself but I closed my eyes,clicked on the button and couldn’t believe my eyes even after 2 whole minutes of looking at them.I did it !!

I am so happy I succesfully got through this experience and feel motivated to study twice as more for the TOPIK II aiming at the level 4.Being so proud of myself and thankful for everything I accomplished this year I’ll end this post with this bitter-sweet song that has been on repeat since the day I first listened to it.


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