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It took me a lot of time to write this post just because I was busy taking care of my sick dog – and I am talking about hours and hours of trying to feed her,to make her take the vitamins,taking care of her puppies(unfortunately,they all died) and just overall not sleeping at all because of the fear that she might die.

On a much brighter note,even though I haven’t started this year off the right way I am happy to say that I have some pretty big and detailed goals in my mind that I wish to accomplish this year.I am too lazy to write all this in my journal so I’ll just post here everything that is going through my mind now.

1. Take care of myself more.

I am a very lazy person when it comes to working out,doing my nails,putting on makeup.I want to change this in order to feel better about myself.I am not fat but I am definitely concerned about the way  I look in a short skirt,in shorts,in dresses etc,I don’t want to lose weight I just want to get in shape.That’s why I am aiming at 100.000 steps/day,do the blogilates arm and squat challenge,the 8min abs daily and start jogging when it gets warmer outside.Make healthier choices and little by little start giving up on the unhealthy foods.

I want to do my nails at home while watching a movie or a youtube video and put on some light makeup in the morning before going to university.I don’t like wearing much makeup but I would love to do this(together with buying more fashionable clothes)in order to feel better about myself and to gain some confidence.

2. Get out of my comfort zone.Travel more.Say yes.Participate more in class.

I want to get out and explore the world whether that is by taking long walks in my city,by taking little trips inside as well as outside my country.I want drive more this year and overcome the fear of driving in an unknown place.

I also want to say yes to new opportunities and to share my opinions about what I feel is right or wrong.Participate during debates in class and try to be as active as possible.

3. Read more.

Both in my own language,in English and Korean as well.

I plan on reading at least 4 books/month this year whether they are required or not in college.I want to read a variety of books but I would also want to focus on the Korean literature and history books – which I will need for my bachelor degree.

In Korean – start off by reading children books and move on to articles.

4. Study Korean.Pass the TOPIK 4 exam.

For Korean I have some particular points in my mind that I want to focus on this year:

  • Reading – as mentioned above,read more.
  • Writing

Since January 1st I have started picking some simple texts in English and translating them in Korean.This helps both my writing and my speaking somehow.That is,I am able to find out by myself some new expressions which I can use while chatting with my Korean friends.When I read a text I often think “Oh,I know what this expression means!” – because maybe I heard that in a drama but when I need to use it I can’t manage to remember it.That’s because I focused more on my listening and reading than on my speaking skills.

I also want to write a weekly journal where I share my thoughts and post it on lang-8 or italki.Of course,without sharing personal stuff.I could start writing in my journal but no one will be able to correct it as it is too personal so I don’t find it too beneficial.

  • Listening

Continue studying the iyagi lessons(listen to them on my commute to school),taking notes from dramas and watching Korean youtube videos while getting ready in the morning even though I might not be able to actively listen to them.

  • Speaking

This is a tricky one as I am afraid to write here “overcome the fear of speaking” because I might not be able to accomplish it.But definitely in the summer,when I will have more free time and much more speaking confidence I can start taking lessons on italki at least once a week.Until then,I’ll just keep on writing notebook entries on lang-8/italki and obviously texting in Korean.

5. Choose a new language to study.

This will definitely be in the summer but I still have to make a decision : choosing between German and French – even though I secretly wish to study Japanese I think it wouldn’t be such a good option to study two Asian languages at the same time.

Wrote this long post and I still feel like something is missing.I have so many ideas but I am too low on sugar right now to keep on writing.Hopefully I wrote all there is to write and that I will move on to what’s important – put into practice all of what I decided on above.

How I enjoy those strong female leads in dramas ♥ I’ve been watching Age of Youth lately which I highly recommend – that’s been such a comforting,slice of life/comedy drama that I could empathize with and suprisingly a confidence boosting drama.This video reminded me of Hwa‑young’s role in this drama.If only I could take some of their confidence


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