korean language

Korean through Chinese characters?

Few days ago because of the pressure of starting a new semester I started studying Hanja. After my plan of studying Japanese failed I decided to only focus on studying Korean. Learning Japanese has always been my dream but I guess I am not one that studies 3 languages at once. I will give my best this year to obtain a strong foundation in Korean and pass the intermediate stage until I allow myself to pick a new language.

So if you’re wondering how my process went : for the first 8 days or so it was a fail. Originally I planned on studying 10 한자 in 7 days. So the first day I would study 10 한자s at once and then review them for the past few days. It seems that I found it too overwhelming since every single day I had to take a quick peek in my textbook to remember the character. Since I have never learned Chinese characters I found it difficult to concentrate when remembering them. I would get lost in the process of drawing lines and remembering both the meaning and the sound.

I finally decided to change my approach : studying two 한자 every two days. The result was a success. Imagine my contentment when I was reading a Korean text and saw the word 축소 and immediately guessed the translation. What a great surprise! I never thought 한자 would ever be of help but I guess I was so freaking wrong.

Since then I decided to take a 한자 class this new semester instead of a translation one. Finally found a way to get some of those complicated and impossible to retain words in my head. If you’re still wondering if 한자 is worth it,give it a try! Who knows,you might enjoy it. It’s actually a pretty fun thing to do,writing those characters is a form of meditation and I feel so much smarter when I do it somehow ㅋㅋ Just remember that reviewing is the key when learning 한자. Review as much as you can,don’t stress too much when you can’t remember writing the character and learn some new words along with the it. That way it sticks in your head much longer and you don’t blame yourself when you forget some characters that you have already learned.

For those wondering I am using the book Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean. Though I didn’t order it from twochois I highly recommend this site! Unfortunately the transport is too expensive for me so I ordered it from a German website. I was also planning on doing a review on this textbook but there’s plenty on the internet. Maybe I’ll give it a try in the future just to see if I can handle doing a review.

Happy studying 여러분~!


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