korean language

Can’t remember grammar structures?

Remembering Korean grammar structures can sometimes be impossible for me. I don’t have that many natives to practice my Korean and the textbook we use in class constantly teaches new grammar structures without reminding me to review the previous ones.

I always try to write my own example sentences which are corrected by natives when learning something new. It might feel like I would never forget that grammar structure but within a matter of weeks it gets erased from my mind.

*this doesn’t happen that often with vocabulary with the help of anki.

Yesterday I heard something from my teacher that really opened my eyes to how stupid I’d have been. She said that it’s always useful to learn  new grammar structures by making your own simple example sentences that you can easily remember when you just can’t figure out the meaning of a certain structure, even though you are aware of the fact that you’ve already learned it. This is something that I never truly realized even though I have used it hundreds of times before. When I read a text and saw a structure that seemed familiar but I just couldn’t figure out what it was in the context, I always kept repeating that structure in my mind over and over and instantly an expression(that contained that structure) would pop up in my mind and I could figure out its meaning.

So next time you learn a new grammar structure make an easy(maybe even funny?) example that you are quite sure you’ll remember, try even memorizing it and next time you’ll see that grammar structure in another context you will be able to easily work out the meaning.

오늘도 수고했어요 ~ 좋은 하루 보내세요!


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