korean language

My first italki experience as a student

I have been using italki since a long time ago making my own example sentences and writing short texts. I also made some quite good friends who are helpful when it comes to asking any kind of questions.

I also wanted to take lessons there but sincerely I was too shy because my speaking abilities are quite low. It had been exactly 1 year since I bought 10 italki credits and I thought it was time to use them before it was too late(I actually heard from someone that if you reach one full year without using them, the italki credits won’t be available but I don’t know if that is true or not. Didn’t want to risk it though). So I found a new teacher who seemed very sweet and who fit my requirements which are basically more related to speaking more naturally and let me tell u : I LOVED IT! The lesson went so smoothly that when the teacher told me the lesson was over I was clearly quite surprised.

I really don’t know why I was feeling so worried and anxious about looking like a fool in front of a native speaker. She was so supportive, her method truly worked for me and at the end of the lesson I both learned new things and gained speaking confidence.

Wish one day I could just help other people the way she does to teach my own language. I am still afraid to do that as I am not a certified teacher nor do I know how to explain the grammar in my own language.

So before you give up the idea of taking an italki lesson for whatever reason, my advice to you is just go for it. The teachers won’t judge you and will most likely be very supportive and helpful. I feel so much better now that my worries are gone and I can take at least a one hour Korean lesson per week and hopefully do that with other languages I will be learning in the future.

Have a great day! ❀


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