재미있는 한국어 1 

It’s the texbook we are using in the Korean Class which,I must admit that I don’t like at all.I try using different sources to learn the grammar and refer to this book just because it is required in order to get that 100% in the exam.

Yonsei Korean Reading 1

Another required book for my Korean Class though this is a good way to acquire vocabulary.

Korean Grammar in Use : Beginning to Early Intermediate

This is the most helpful grammar textbook when it comes to learning Korean.The explanations are detailed and there are lots of examples.This is a must buy for me.


I believe everyone knows about this site which offers free Korean lessons.I have finished Level2 and I am planning this summer to use it as one of the main resources.


This site helps me to apply what I have learned and get free corrections and explanations from the native speakers.I find it much more useful than the classic lang-8 as it offers some useful features like writing a notebook entry,asking a question,opening a discussion,finding language partners easily and scheduling lessons with Korean native speakers.