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What motivates me to work hard?

A deadline. 19.11.2016 I finally have a deadline to look forward to.I'll be taking my first ever TOPIK exam and I am quite nervous for it. Some time ago I have decided to take the upcoming TOPIK exam partially because my Korean teacher convinced us to do it using a really tempting reward - everyone who… Continue reading What motivates me to work hard?

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How lyrics improve one’s vocabulary

  As a beginner I find it hard to practice my listening skills.There are lots of resources around but the level is definitely too high for me right now. I am trying to pick up some expressions from watching movies but I usually get so caught in the storyline that it's hard for me to… Continue reading How lyrics improve one’s vocabulary


Develop your reading skills through Ridibooks

A few days ago I have discovered the app called Ridibooks through a tumblr post. I find it unecessary to rewrite what has already been said in that post but there are some minor things I would like to add. So I use this app to practice my reading though with my level of Korean I… Continue reading Develop your reading skills through Ridibooks

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Speed Reading ; tips for beginners

Truth is,you can't improve your reading speed if you don't practice.Like my Korean teacher always says using his broken 아저씨like English speaking skill" 계속  repeat repeat 다른 방법이 없어 " First tip! It's a fun one,believe me.Search `for a Korean song(preferably a ballad for beginners) and sing. What I like to do is pick a song… Continue reading Speed Reading ; tips for beginners

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How I’m using lang-8 to study Korean

Nowadays I've been studying Korean much carefully as the exam is approaching.Now,don't think that I already mastered Korean,I just have an idea of how the simple present and past tense is formed,how I can introduce myself..just basic sentences.Sometimes I get angry just because I feel that I haven't learned anything but then,I think of that… Continue reading How I’m using lang-8 to study Korean