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Can’t remember grammar structures?

Remembering Korean grammar structures can sometimes be impossible for me. I don't have that many natives to practice my Korean and the textbook we use in class constantly teaches new grammar structures without reminding me to review the previous ones. I always try to write my own example sentences which are corrected by natives when… Continue reading Can’t remember grammar structures?

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스토리타임? my method

It definitely took some time but hope that my plan will pay off in the end. Basically I listened to the video 3 times. I listened without looking at the subtitles,which is surprisingly hard but if you try your best to just look at the person's face or just close your eyes and listen,it makes… Continue reading 스토리타임? my method

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Korean through Chinese characters?

Few days ago because of the pressure of starting a new semester I started studying Hanja. After my plan of studying Japanese failed I decided to only focus on studying Korean. Learning Japanese has always been my dream but I guess I am not one that studies 3 languages at once. I will give my… Continue reading Korean through Chinese characters?

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TOPIK I(49th) : results

Can't believe it's Christmas already...Time passes by so quickly,I am already in my second year of university and I still feel like a child pretending to be an adult.I have changed and I still have so much to learn that the amount of new information feels too overwhelming sometimes. I will be spending most of my… Continue reading TOPIK I(49th) : results

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What motivates me to work hard?

A deadline. 19.11.2016 I finally have a deadline to look forward to.I'll be taking my first ever TOPIK exam and I am quite nervous for it. Some time ago I have decided to take the upcoming TOPIK exam partially because my Korean teacher convinced us to do it using a really tempting reward - everyone who… Continue reading What motivates me to work hard?


Develop your reading skills through Ridibooks

A few days ago I have discovered the app called Ridibooks through a tumblr post. I find it unecessary to rewrite what has already been said in that post but there are some minor things I would like to add. So I use this app to practice my reading though with my level of Korean I… Continue reading Develop your reading skills through Ridibooks