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TOPIK I(49th) : results

Can't believe it's Christmas already...Time passes by so quickly,I am already in my second year of university and I still feel like a child pretending to be an adult.I have changed and I still have so much to learn that the amount of new information feels too overwhelming sometimes. I will be spending most of my… Continue reading TOPIK I(49th) : results

korean language

My experience taking the Topik I exam

A few days ago I have taken the Topik I exam for the first time in my life.At first I was reluctant to the thought of taking it partly because I was influenced by my classmates who chose not to take it just because it would mean too much of a trouble as well as a… Continue reading My experience taking the Topik I exam

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What motivates me to work hard?

A deadline. 19.11.2016 I finally have a deadline to look forward to.I'll be taking my first ever TOPIK exam and I am quite nervous for it. Some time ago I have decided to take the upcoming TOPIK exam partially because my Korean teacher convinced us to do it using a really tempting reward - everyone who… Continue reading What motivates me to work hard?